Donald Trump has gotten away with lying and conning people his entire life. Getting elected President Of The United States, with the help of a foreign power (Russia) he is indebted to, was perhaps his biggest con job ever.

His election and performance in office has revealed his ineptitude and inexperience in the job he holds. We have watched him ignore a global pandemic that is ravaging our nation from coast to coast. We have lost over 130,000 Americans to the Coronavirus because of willful ignorance & sheer incompetence at the top of government. This President has failed to take the proper steps to keep Americans safe from this pandemic. He has failed to fully implement initiatives like the Defense Production Act that would keep all of our medical facilities ( hospitals, hospices, urgent care & senior care) from experiencing shortages in medical equipment and supplies. He has made decisions that continue to put millions of Americans at risk.

The GOP continues to rally around his ignorance. Why? It’s simple. Trump & the GOP’s plan is to simply ignore the pandemic and reopen the economy. Just ignore the fact that 130,000 people have died from Coronavirus. Trump & the GOP are banking on the economy bouncing back to pre-Coronavirus numbers just in time for the election. The fact is Trump has been taking credit for an economy that Barack Obama & Joe Biden created which got us out of a recession and put the nation on a 10 year path of sustained economic growth. Trump’s tax cut for the rich put the nation on a temporary sugar high and added over $2 Trillion to our national debt.

We just recently found out that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers. The President knew about the Russian Bounty program in March and did absolutely nothing about this. It should be obvious to everyone now that Russia has some damaging leverage over Donald Trump. That leverage has put the nation’s entire national security at risk.

The facts are clear. Donald Trump is sacrificing American lives to Coronavirus to get re-elected at home. He is sacrificing American lives on the battlefield abroad to avoid being exposed as the “phony conman” he really is.


America is coming face to face with it’s sordid history. It is a history of greed, racism, hypocrisy, power & entitlement. We are a nation that has advanced the rights of white Americans and reinforced their entitlement at the expense of Americans of Color. For Centuries, Blacks faced an outrageous, uphill struggle of slavery by white slaveowners who wanted to build a nation on the backs of Black bodies. The Jim Crow era furthered the abuse of Black Americans in America. Once the visible shackles from slavery came off in 1865. The invisible shackles were put back on during the Jim Crow era. Black & Latino communities were redlined making it difficult to get Home loans & Business loans to startup businesses within the community. Voting rights were denied. Going to the same schools as whites was denied for much of the era. The workplace was segregated during the era.

People of color have had to fight for basic fairness in this country since it’s inception. Yet, Whites in positions of power throughout our American institutions have found it difficult to provide us with that simple honor. Our institutions at the federal, state & local levels have been riddled with bias. From the federal government to the court system to law enforcement to the workplace to our school systems from kindergarten to college, we have been marginalized as if we (Blacks, Latinos, Asians & Native Americans) don’t matter.

Guess what? We do. Our institutions need to be reformed because they have failed badly.

Trayvon Martin mattered. Tamir Rice mattered. Michael Brown mattered. Sandra Bland mattered. Atatiana Jefferson mattered. Laquan McDonald mattered. Eric Garner mattered. Sean Bell mattered. Amadou Diallo mattered. Oscar Grant mattered. Ahmaud Arbery mattered. Breonna Taylor mattered. George Floyd mattered. Elijah McClain mattered. BLACK LIVES MATTER!

The Dumbing Down Of America

Our nation is at a dangerous point. We are fighting a global pandemic and social injustice. Yet, we have a leadership deficit in Washington, D.C. that is inept. The current administration sees governance through the prism of just the folks who voted for them.

Donald Trump has no clue of how to run a federal government. He has no knowledge of the Constitution of the Bill Of Rights. He doesn’t even understand the checks and balances system of the three branches of government. He has no clue of how the departments within the federal government work. His foreign policy has been a disaster for the country with Russia being the biggest benefactors of our foreign policy blunders. The media has been scared to challenge his competency to do the job. He is clueless when it comes to understanding nuclear treaties signed by us with foreign countries and simple legislation passed through Congress.

Donald Trump has pulled off the greatest con in U.S. history. He managed to get elected President Of The United States and he was and still is completely unqualified for the job. He has been allowed by the GOP in Congress and media to dumb down the Presidency. He has said & done stupid things unbecoming of a President.

The nation has a decision to make this November. It will either be the stability and experience of Joe Biden or the chaos, corruption and incompetence of Donald Trump. Frankly, 4 more years of corruption and incompetence under Trump could devastate and severely alter the arc of this democracy.


The Ku Klux Klan in the 1950s & 1960s was thee most racist organization in America. They prided themselves on intimidation and fear. After Martin Luther King led the Civil Rights Movement, many of the members of the Klan were successfully convicted on crimes of assault, murder, attempted murder and domestic terrorism which involved the bombings of state buildings, churches and homes of black Americans. However, there were many members who evaded prosecution for their crimes. Because of the decrease in numbers to the group and the growing number of white supremacist groups emerging, the Klan was forced to change its tactics to remain relevant.

The most disturbing switch in tactics has been Klan members trading in their white sheets for a badge & gun. Groups like the KKK and White Aryan Nation have become incredibly shrewd. Joining Police forces and becoming police officers is the perfect way to gain access to minority communities and terrorize them under the cloak of a badge and gun. It explains a lot in terms of police/community relations. It explains why certain cops have already, made up preconceived notions about African Americans, Latinos and other minorities. It certainly explains 2 things – Why rogue cops are shooting unarmed people of color? and Why rogue cops are brutalizing communities of color with blatantly racist policing policies?

We as a society have to demand a radical change to policing policies. We have to demand the removal of all rogue officers who don’t follow proper police procedure. Lastly, we have to remove from office corrupt, morally bankrupt, racist agenda driven politicians who support this continued police aggression against communities of color.


Donald Trump has roasted the media for 4 years. He has attacked every ethnic group in America with his blatantly racist comments and racist policies. Trump’s Coronavirus response has been abysmal to say the least. So one has to wonder, what is Trump’s true agenda entering the November election?

In recent weeks, Trump has started to reveal a little of his November playbook. He has launched a dishonest campaign of attacks on former President Obama & former Vice-President Joe Biden. Trump’s team believes they can get away with using another “smoke & mirrors”campaign of lies to win re-election.

However, Trump’s bizarre behavior in office for 4 years, his inability to grasp basic knowledge of his job and his inept policy failures are sure to not be overlooked by the electorate this time around.

Trump’s re-election comes down to one thing – Will the nation be duped by this career con man again? or Will the nation restore professionalism, competence, experience & dignity back into the White House? If the nation chooses the latter, then we can all breathe easy knowing President-Elect Joe Biden is on the job on January 20, 2021.

2020-Are We Cyber Ready?

In the wake of a global pandemic, we are in an election year. As November approaches, we as Americans have to wonder if the country is ready to hold a free and fair election.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Russia and possibly other foreign actors are actively trying to influence our election. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, the Russians launched a social media disinformation campaign that resulted in Donald Trump becoming President. They even hacked the voter database of 2 counties in the state of Florida. This voter breach is under current investigation by the FBI.

So, one must wonder, what has our cyber intelligence wing of the government done to prepare for the likely cyber attack that is coming? The short answer is nobody seems to know.

We know why the Russians wanted Donald Trump as President. They wanted all the economic sanctions against their country lifted. However, it was Republicans & Democrats who blocked the lifting of Russian sanctions. It is clear that Russia, North Korea and China see Trump as someone who can be easily manipulated. That’s why he is preferred over Joe Biden. Biden is a polished, experienced leader who they can’t manipulate.

Finally, if this election is conducted fairly, then the obvious choice for the country is Joe Biden. If there is cyber interference, then Trump could get re-elected which would be disastrous for the American people but great for our foreign adversaries.

Moral Compass

In watching the response to this global pandemic, I’ve come to one conclusion. One element of our government has no interest in working for the people.

This pandemic has revealed two things. First, the GOP can’t govern and is only interested in being beholden to their corporate benefactors. They don’t care about the people only their political careers. Their political careers are hinged on low unemployment numbers and a high stock market average. This is why the GOP is hell bent on jump starting the economy in the midst of this pandemic. They could care less about the lives lost.

Second, there has clearly been one party who has a moral compass. The Democratic party has been that party. The Democratic Governors have been sensational throughout this pandemic. They have chosen the health and life of their citizens over economic greed and the thirst to win an election. They did what the GOP didn’t have the ability to do at the federal or state level which was lead in a crisis.

The Democrats at the federal and state level took the lead from the beginning. They identified the virus hot zones and immediately quarantined those areas. They fought for and made sure that all the medical facilities in their states got the medical equipment, supplies and disinfectants they needed to treat their patients. They immediately put stay-at-home orders in place for their states and they expanded testing in their states for the virus.

So, this pandemic gripping our country and the world showed that their is one party, the Democratic party, with a moral compass. The other party, the Republican party, has displayed their moral bankruptcy for the country to see.


As the Coronavirus pandemic spreads across the globe, there are many unanswered questions regarding its origin. The media immediately ran with the story that the Wuhan Province in China was the epicenter and explosion point of the pandemic.

The main theory is that an open-air market where animals are bought like bats was the source of the virus. However, serious questions remain. One question being asked is – Was the Coronavirus developed in a lab? The Chinese Government has a bio-lab in Wuhan Province. This brings us to the second question on many people’s minds. Could the Coronavirus have been a bio-weapon developed in that lab in Wuhan?

These questions would border on the absurd, if it weren’t for events that occurred in China at the onset of the outbreak. One such event was a Chinese doctor who worked in the lab in Wuhan. This doctor attempted to warn the Chinese government that a global pandemic was imminent. The Chinese government’s response was to silence him and keep him from revealing what he knew about the Coronavirus. That doctor would later contract the Coronavirus and die from the disease. This raises the questions – What was China hiding? What didn’t they want the world to know about the Coronavirus? Why did they under report their Coronavirus cases?

These are questions that the media are largely ignoring. These are questions that need to be asked. The world needs to know what China knew and when they knew it.


The Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world. It’s impact on the United States has been enormous. The United States has seen over 700,000 positive COVID19 cases with more than 30,000 deaths.

As the virus continues to spread, we continue to see incompetent leadership from the Trump Administration. Trump’s response to the pandemic has illustrated why he’s not fit to hold office.

Let’s examine his response to date. First, he said the Coronavirus pandemic was a “hoax”. Then, he refused to let a cruise ship with American passengers on board come to port for 3 days because he didn’t want to see a spike in Coronavirus cases. He has refused to fully implement the Defense Production Act, which would force companies that manufacture medical equipment & supplies to go into immediate mass production of those supplies. If Trump had implemented the DPA, our hospitals wouldn’t be experiencing the shortages in equipment & supplies that they are dealing with now.

There are roughly 900,000 hospitals in the U.S. Yet, we learned that the Federal Government only had 10,000 ventilators in its stockpile to supply the states with during the inception of this outbreak.

Frankly, the Trump Administration’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic has been a disaster. This President spends more time attacking Democratic Governors and less time doing his job. It is clear that the Governors have been the real leaders throughout this crisis. The Democratic Governors have shown exceptional leadership during these trying times for the country. Sadly, we need leadership at the federal level and we simply don’t have it.