Why Impeachment Is The Only Choice!

Over the course of Donald Trump’s presidency, I’ve struggled to find a point where the administration hasn’t been mired in controversy & scandal.

Let’s start with how this President got elected to begin with. We know through thorough investigation by our intel agencies that Russia interfered with our 2016 Presidential election. Why would Russia want Trump in the White House rather than Hillary Clinton? Answer- Trump was going to lift economic sanctions on them & Clinton wasn’t. President Obama correctly placed sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine & seizing Crimea from Ukraine. Yet, Trump wants to excuse Russia’s intolerable behavior and remove the sanctions on Russia. This move seems reckless & very suspicious. According to Robert Mueller’s probe, Trump campaign officials met with Russian government officials on at least 126 seperate occasions. This continues to beg the question. What kind of leverage does Russia have on Trump?

The actions taken by this President & administration officials regarding Russia on its face appear impeachable. Nine former officials have pled guilty in a federal probe by Mueller related to Russia & Trump himself “obstructed justice” on 10 seperate occasions as stated by Mueller.

Now, a whistleblower with knowledge from officials in the White House launches a formal complaint regarding a call by Trump to Ukraine’s President asking for a favor from Ukraine to investigate Joe & Hunter Biden in exchange for military aid that Ukraine needs to fight off guess who Russia. The whistleblower’s complaint totally corroborates the transcript of the phone conversation between Trump & Ukraine’s President. This is clear impeachable conduct that warrants further investigation.

Finally, this Presidents continued abuse of power, trampling of the Constitution & outright blatant disrespect for rule of law only enhances his guilt of high crimes & misdemeanors.