10 Reasons To Impeach Trump

No.10- Donald Trump openly asked the Russians to find 33,000 deleted emails from Hillary Clinton’s private email server. This was a public invitation for a foreign country (Russia) to meddle in our election.

No.9- 126 contacts between Trump campaign officials & Russian government officials. Why was the Trump campaign talking so closely to Russia?

No.8- The Trump Tower meeting. It was a closed door meeting involving Russian officials & Trump representatives including Donald Trump Jr. They were expecting to receive “dirt” on Hillary. They openly sought help from a foreign power.

No.7- Emolument Clause. Trump has been brazenly profiting off the Presidency. From foreign dignitaries staying at his D.C. & NYC hotels to the building of Trump Hotels in Turkey, Trump continues to make money which calls into question his loyalty to the country.

No.6- Paul Manafort, Trump’s Campaign Manager who was convicted of Tax Evasion, Moneylaundering & lying to the FBI gave U.S. election polling data to a Russian agent. It’s the clearest evidence to date of conspiracy & collusion.

No.5- Michael Flynn, Trump’s former Defense Secretary who told Russia Trump would end sanctions on them before Trump was even sworn in. Flynn gave Trump erroneous advice on Syria not to further U.S. interest but to further Turkey’s interest because Flynn turned out to be a Turkish lobbyist. He was a treasonous traitor placed in a high level government position.

No.4- Rudy Guiliani, former Mayor of NYC & current personal attorney of Donald Trump. Guiliani is the lynchpin in a strong abuse of power case against Trump. It was Guiliani who went to Ukraine to dig up manufactured dirt on Joe and Hunter Biden. Guiliani was also cementing business deals with Ukrainian companies & those companies get access to the Trump Administration. It’s a clear violation of reason number 7 (Emolument Clause).

No.3- Trump’s Behavior. Donald Trump has displayed repeatedly that he is unstable, racist, incompetent & unable to functionally perform his duties as President. He took congressionally approved Defense money to build his wall. He shockingly doesn’t sanction Saudi Arabia for killing an American journalist. He tried several times to end sanctions on Russia which were put in place because they invaded Ukraine & seized a portion of Ukraine called Crimea. He starts a trade war with China that is devastating American farmers. He has publicly discriminated against latinos, blacks, asians & the LGBTQ community.

No.2- James Comey, former FBI Director. Comey opened an investigation into Michael Flynn. Flynn failed to report that he was working for Turkey & he was also serving as a back channel conduit with respect to Russia communicating with Trump. Trump openly admitted on NBC News with Lester Holt that he fired James Comey because he was investigating Flynn & Russian Collusion with the Trump campaign.

No.1- Abuse Of Power/ Trump & Ukraine Quid Pro Quo – Trump on a phone call with Ukraine’s President asked Ukraine’s President for a favor to probe Joe & Hunter Biden in exchange for the release of military aid to Ukraine to help fight Russia. A whistleblower complaint corroborates the transcript of the phone call. This is a clear impeachable offense.