The Syrian Debacle

President Trump announced the withdraw of American troops inside Syria. Those troops fought alongside our allies the Kurds for decades to oust ISIS from the region. By removing our troops from Northern Syria, it has left our ally the Kurds exposed to their brutal enemy to the north, Turkey. President Trump’s erratic move has led to a Turkish military assault on the Kurds. He has abandoned a key ally in the middle east & left them to be slaughtered by Turkey. There are reports of ethnic cleansing by Turks, massacres in broad daylight and the murder of a prominent Kurdish journalist. No matter how you cut it, Donald Trump has blood on his hands. His callous & willful ignorance on this issue only reinforces the fact that he is inexperienced, incompetent and has no knowledge of world history or how to run a federal government. No prominent world power will ever trust us again. His cut & run policy only benefits one country, Russia. The Russians are now the principal players in the Middle East. Why is this President sabotaging us abroad to benefit Russia? What does Russia have on Donald Trump? The short answer has to be financial & personal dirt on him. Either way, Trump has left us second class on the global stage.