Greed & Power Over Country

As I ponder the state of the country, I ask the question- Why do politicians really choose to serve? There are some people who go into politics to help the everyday American and make a difference. There are also those folks who enter politics for power & prestige. It is these folks who have chosen greed & power over the public and party ideology over country.

In Washington D.C., it’s becoming clear which politicians are for the country & which are in alliance with big corporations and the wealthy. The Democratic Party is a party of inclusiveness. It is a party that is pro-union, pro-LGBTQ rights, pro-universal healthcare, pro-middle class & pro-small business.

The Republican Party is a party that is majority white and less inclusive. They are a party promoting an anti-poor, anti-union, anti-small business, anti-abortion rights and anti-LGBTQ rights agenda. They have also been very extreme against legal & illegal immigration.

Donald Trump has spit on the Constitution at every turn and the Republican Party refuses to hold him accountable. The Democratic Party is not only holding Trump accountable but, they have begun articles of impeachment based on criminal conduct displayed by this President.

The Republicans have given Trump a blank check to subvert his Constitutional duties. Why? Because, the GOP wants to keep power at all cost. They want to keep receiving huge funding from the powerful special interests who bankroll their candidacies. Does anyone truly believe that the GOP will vote to impeach Trump for his abuse of power?

It is clear which party has chosen greed over country & power over the people. That party is the Republican Party.

There is a very important election coming in November of 2020. The country will have to hold the greedy, corrupt politicians accountable at the ballot box. We, the people will have to hold Donald Trump accountable at the ballot box if impeachment doesn’t.