As the impeachment inquiry intensifies, there are representatives who are choosing to save their political lives instead of the country. Some House of Representatives members fear that this impeachment inquiry will further divide the country.

These politicians need to grow a conscience. Donald Trump has repeatedly abused his power and crossed Constitutional boundaries. Are these politicians suggesting that he should be allowed to continue being lawless? Should he be allowed to continue ignoring his Constitutional duties?

The short answer to those questions should be an emphatic NO. We have a Bill of Rights & a Constitution in this nation that must be adhered to. If Trump isn’t going to adhere to these laws, than, we as a people must vote into office someone who will.

A legitimate impeachment inquiry into this President’s corrupt conduct isn’t going to divide this nation any more than he has. Trump divided this nation the second he came down those escalator stairs in Trump Tower. It was he who called Mexicans “rapist who were bringing crime & disease”. It was he who said “a Mexican judge couldn’t do his job because he was Mexican”. It was he who called African nations “shithole countries”. It was he who called black NFL players “assholes” for protesting police brutality.

The bottom line is that there is a corrupt con man sitting in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue who is fleecing America to enrich his family & is publicly outsourcing America’s foreign policy to Russia who seems to have some sort of leverage on him. If this man who has the IQ of a lab rat is allowed to remain in power, we won’t have a democracy to fight for.