Editorial: Trump, Impeachment & The Media

As I watched the opening week of the Trump Impeachment Inquiry, I was struck by the tone of Trump & the GOP. I was also struck by the media coverage thus far. Some in the media have suggested that there has been no “smoking gun” thus far in the Impeachment proceedings. I would ask the question – What are these journalist looking at?

This inquiry began with a whistleblower complaint of a call involving Trump & the President of Ukraine. On the call, Trump explicitly asked for a favor from Ukraine’s President in exchange for the release of Congressional approved military aid. Trump’s own words provide the “smoking gun” of his guilt on bribery, obstruction & abuse of power. Over 12 witnesses have been deposed and testified to these facts that aren’t in dispute. The GOP will argue that there was no quid pro quo because the military aid was released to Ukraine. The truth is that the military aid was released because the quid pro quo was exposed. Trump got caught abusing his power.

Trump’s own behavior display a consciousness of guilt. He tweeted an attack on former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch as she was testifying to the House Committee in real time.

So, if anyone in the media or elsewhere in the country want proof of Trump’s guilt on bribery, obstruction & abuse of power, then look no further than Trump’s words & his erratic actions since this process began.