Why Whitlock & Wiley are wrong on Kaepernick?

When Colin Kaepernick took a stand against police brutality & misconduct, it was widely seen as appropriate considering the rash killings of unarmed black and brown people at the hands of law enforcement. The result of Kaepernick’s protest has been an outright manipulation of the issue by our bum ass President who hijacked the issue by making it a debate about the flag. Kaepernick’s protest had nothing to do with the flag and everything to do with injustices against people of color that white America refuses to deal with. Kaepernick since his protest has been blackballed by the NFL for 3 years.

Since his alienation from the league, Kaepernick has taking on criticism from an unlikely source, black sportscasters. Two of his critics Jason Whitlock & Marcellus Wiley have been very outspoken on Kaepernick. He has been accused of not being true to his cause. Whitlock & Wiley have suggested that Kaepernick is attempting to profit off his protest. Recently, the NFL attempted to setup a workout for Kaepernick to be viewed by all 32 teams. As a part of the workout, the NFL wanted Kaepernick to sign a waiver before the workout. Kaepernick refused to sign the waiver because the stipulations in it weren’t sufficient. Because of the mistrust between Kaepernick & the league, he moved the location of the workout 60 miles away from the NFL’s designated site. Whitlock & Wiley saw Kaepernick’s actions as outrageous.

Both Wiley & Whitlock are wrong. Why would Colin Kaepernick believe that a league who blackballed him for 3 years has his back? Furthermore, after the change in venue, only 8 teams viewed the workout. Kaepernick by all accounts was superb in his workout. Whitlock & Wiley are completely off the mark on this issue. A powerful corporation, the NFL blackballs an employee (Kaepernick) for 3 years for taking a political stance and as a condition of his return to work, he must meet certain stipulations that basically take away his rights to exercise his 1st Amendment Rights. How in that scenario does this make Kaepernick wrong?

Finally, Wiley & Whitlock are nothing more than corporate asskissers who have never taken a political stand on anything affecting their community. Where was the criticism from these 2 loudmouths of Michael Jordan when kids in Chicago were getting killed over Air Jordan sneakers? Did you hear any criticism from them when Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown & Tamir Rice were killed? The short answer is NO. You didn’t hear a damn thing from them. For 2 black sports talk show host to try to bring down another black athlete for standing up against brutality, is frankly appauling.