Watching the Impeachment proceedings has been embarrassing. The GOP has totally abandoned any principles they might have had. The President Of These United States violated the law and the facts bare that out. In his own call transcript released to the public, he brazenly pressured a foreign leader into opening up a bogus investigation into a political rival, Joe Biden. The President, in all his arrogance, attempted to rig the 2020 election in his favor. The facts as testified to by multiple witnesses within the government are not in dispute. Yet, the GOP continues to protect this treasonous traitor.

Why is the GOP protecting Trump at all cost? The answer is simple Power. The GOP, once a proud party, has exposed itself as thee most corrupt, amoral party in America. The party of so-called family values has hitched their wagon to a morally bankrupt con man who is also a serial adulterer. The party of so-called fiscal responsibility is fighting to save a man who has added $5 Trillion to our National debt. The party of national security is fighting to save a man who has compromised our national security because he is compromised & owned by Russia and Saudi Arabia.

So, America ask yourself this question. What does the GOP actually stand for? As I see it, they stand for nothing. They have sold their souls to the corporate elite. They have even started to adopt the propaganda of a foreign power Russia in an embarrassing attempt to exonerate Russia for their role in hacking the 2016 election. One thing is clear, the GOP has become an American tragedy.