Trump’s Arrogance

America, do you ever wonder why Donald Trump decided to run for President? Why did he run knowing that he was compromised by foreign powers ( Russia & Saudi Arabia)? I guess we’ll never know the answers to those questions. However, I have my own take on the answer to those questions.

In one word the answer to both questions is arrogance. He was arrogant enough to believe that he could do the job. He can’t. He has no knowledge of how to run government. He tries to yuserp constitutional law. His only domestic achievement is a tax cut for his rich friends and he has been a disaster on foreign policy. He is arrogant enough to believe that he can do whatever he wants without consequences or repercussions for his actions.

You would think that impeachment in the House Of Representatives would humble this President. Unfortunately, it will not. It will simply emboldened him to be more ignorant, vicious & arrogant than ever. Donald Trump grew up with parents that never held him accountable for bad acts. The GOP controlled Senate has indicated that they are going to vote for his corruption, for his abuse of power, for his amorality & for his violations of the Constitution. They are in essence voting to save his Presidency, once again allowing him to escape accountability.

So, America it is up to us to finally hold this man accountable for his bad acts at the ballot box in November 2020. Voting this man out of office will unleash the punishment on him that he has escaped receiving his entire life. The damage he could inflict on this nation for another 4 years could be irreparable.