Load Management In The NBA

The NBA needs to abolish teams ability to rest star players during the season citing load management. These players train during the offseason to get in peak condition. They condition their bodies for an 82 game season. Yet, many of the teams early in the season are resting their star players to the fans disappointment. The fans pay huge amounts of money for season tickets. They deserve to see the star players on their favorite teams play night in & night out over an 82 game schedule.

It is unfair for the fans to not get their money’s worth. These star players are on huge multi-million dollar contracts and choose to sit out games because they need rest. These star players get rest when someone is substituted in for them to come out of the game. It is disrespectful to the fans who pay so much money. Here’s an idea. If players don’t want to play a whole season, they should give back a part of their salary.