The Russia Effect

The Russia Probe & the Ukranian Scandal have one thing in common. They were both schemes by Donald Trump and his officials to subvert American democracy by receiving foreign help to win an election. Your probably wondering why is Russia so vested in a Trump presidency?

They are vested for a multitude of reasons. No.1- Russia has leverage over Donald Trump. This President’s actions is concrete proof of that. His willingness to kill sanctions on Russia for invading Ukraine and taking Crimea, when the world condemned the act speaks volumes. He sold out our ally the Kurds in Syria to appease Turkey and Russia. The result was an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Kurds & Russia assuming complete control of Syria.

No.2- Russia wants to destabilize the West. Having leverage on Trump & getting him to do what they want, allows them to spread their influence in the Western Hemisphere without resistance from anyone.

No.3- A Trump Presidency gives Russia a global advantage in the area of strategic foreign affairs. Trump isn’t smart at all on foreign policy or domestic affairs for that matter. The Russians can take advantage by disrupting other regions of the world. The Russians are already attempting to break the European Union. America get real. Does anyone seriously believe that Russia didn’t influence the election results in Great Britain?

Lastly, if you were Russia and had leverage on the President Of The United States, would you relinquish that leverage? We all know the answer to that question. The entire Donald Trump Presidency has a Russia effect.