Watching this Senate Impeachment Trial has been a marvel to see. We watched a competent, confident Democratic House Manager team present a compelling case to impeach Donald Trump. They went step by step making the case on bribery and obstruction of Congress. They outlined the facts through witness testimony from key members of Trump’s own administration. Gordon Sondland’s testimony confirmed a quid pro quo and Trump’s own call log confirmed that he wanted a favor from Ukraine’s President in exchange for the release of military aid. We saw House Managers outline the evidence to remove Ambassador Yovanovitch from her post so they could push Ukraine into a bogus investigation of the Bidens. It should be pointed out that Ukraine launched an investigation into Hunter Biden’s company Burisma in 2014 and found no evidence of fraud or corruption.

In contrast, we heard nothing but lies from Trump’s Defense team. Once again, they couldn’t argue the facts. Trump’s team was resorted to arguing the process. Trump and his team basically argued that Trump is above the law. This is the guy who said Article 2 allows him to do whatever he wants. Well, it doesn’t.

Donald Trump has done irreparable damage to the Constitution. He has done great damage to the nation as a whole. He has tried to destroy the poor with policies that cut Medicaid. He has tried to destroy healthcare in this country for millions. He has tried to destroy seniors with huge proposed cuts to Medicare & Social Security. He has damaged our foreign policy to the point that we’re now outsourcing it to Russia. He has damaged our nation with policies that racially divide. Sadly, through all of this, we remain a strong society. However, it will take possibly decades to undo the damage done.