The 2020 Presidential election is approaching and there are plenty of unanswered questions. We’ve seen numerous debates and candidates formulating their positions on key issues. Yet, one question in 2020 is, how will the media cover the candidates fighting for the Democratic nomination?

In my 30 years of participating in the election process, I’ve noticed that the media has a tendency to influence the public’s choice of a candidate. This election is probably thee most important election of our lifetime. We have been exposed to 4 years of Donald Trump and we know what he is. He represents divisiveness, cruelty, corruption, incompetence, inexperience, greed & dishonesty. America can’t be influenced by who the media loves. They have to choose who the best candidate is to beat Donald Trump.

The Democratic candidate who is chosen must appeal to women, minorities, college & non-college educated men. Him or her must appeal to moderate democrats, republicans and independents. The candidate of choice must be a fierce protector of healthcare & women’s rights. The Democratic candidate of choice must have a plan on civil rights that ensures every American’s right to vote.

Lastly, the Democratic choice must be a climate change supporter. He or she must restore our moral standing in the world. America, 2020 is too important. We must not allow the media to manipulate the electorate into nominating the wrong candidate to battle Trump.