The whole world suffered a tragic loss with the passing of Kobe Bryant, his daughter Gianna & 7 other people who died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA on January 26th.

Despite the outpouring of love & support for Kobe, his daughter Gianna and the 7 other victims, there have been subtle shots thrown at Kobe and his legacy. The most glaring shot was thrown recently by Gayle King in an interview with former WNBA basketball star Lisa Leslie. King asked Leslie some seemingly out of bounds questions regarding the rape allegations against Kobe in 2003. She asked Leslie whether those rape allegations tarnished Bryant’s image? Leslie replied that Kobe was always respectful to women and that he always made himself available to Leslie and other members of the L.A. Sparks team.

King’s interview has caused national backlash and rightfully so. King prides herself on being an ethical, fair-minded reporter. However, in this instance, she was unprofessional & ignorant for bringing up a 2003 rape allegation that resulted in charges being dropped against Bryant.

Finally, I end with this note. Gayle King can cry foul about the network all she wants. The rape allegation questions should have never been asked. It was insensitive to his family, friends and fans. Even Oprah’s crocodile tears won’t absolve her from this ignorance and clear thirst for ratings.