As the fight for the White House heats up, I found myself wondering what America must be thinking about a possible Trump vs. Sanders general election matchup. So, I broke down this potential matchup.

Donald Trump has basically rode the coattails of a good economy created by his predecessor. His single biggest accomplishment was a $1.5 Trillion tax cut for the rich. He also gets some credit for signing into law a bipartisan criminal justice reform bill. However, his unfiltered racism and racist policies that he has implemented has produced a polarizing mood in the country. He has scapegoated every ethnic group in the country. He has also sold out one of his biggest voting blocks – farmers. His dumb trade wars have paralyzed the agriculture industry and put his incompetence on full display. He has encaged the children of illegal immigrants who are coming to America fleeing persecution. He is attempting to use Defense Department funds to build a border wall on the U.S./Mexico border that will do nothing to stop drug trafficking into the U.S. Trump has been a complete failure on immigration, climate change, infrastructure, civil rights, voting rights, foreign policy and education reform. Trump’s disastrous record makes him extremely vulnerable for defeat. So, lets examine one of his potential opponents Bernie Sanders.

Bernie Sanders was the Mayor of Burlington,Vermont. Sanders has been a Senator representing Vermont for more than two decades. Bernie has been a champion for Universal Healthcare for decades. He believes in a Medicare For All Single Payer system. He also opposed many of the big trade deals from NAFTA to TPP. He opposed the Iraq war. Trump flip-flopped positions multiple times on the Iraq war. Bernie’s trade positions & Trump’s failure to bring back manufacturing jobs will put Trump in a vulnerable spot in states like Michigan, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Wisconsin & North Carolina. Trump will paint Sanders as a big-spending socialist. However, Trump should beware because Sanders will accurately paint him as an incompetent racist who has abandoned morality and GOP small government principles. If the country elected a racist, then, they could surely elect a self-proclaimed democratic socialist. Folks, Bernie can win.