A President’s job is to defend & protect the citizens of his or her country. When a President fails at that basic concept, he or she leaves a nation in chaos, fear and peril.

In examining Donald Trump’s response to the Coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., it has become increasingly clear that he never had the ability to do this job. With his track record of failed businesses, this crisis has exposed him as the incompetent con man we always knew he was. He has no ability to think outside the box or adjust to an ever-changing fluid situation.

When Trump was briefed in January & February about a global pandemic on the horizon, he did nothing. He ignored a pending crisis that would put the health of millions of Americans at risk. He called the pandemic a hoax at his campaign-style rallies and blamed the Democrats for it.

This pandemic is real and Trump should have put measures in place to protect the American public. He should’ve invoked the Defense Protection Act fully in January. This act allows companies to mass produce medical equipment like ventilators, mask, surgical gowns, gloves and disinfectant supplies. This simple measure could’ve armed each state with the stockpiles they needed to lower the rate of infected patients. He has failed to invoke a National stay-at-home order for the country.

The Governors of the 50 states are now finding creative ways to work together to combat this virus because the White House has failed them. His failure to prepare for a pandemic began at the heart of his Presidency when he cut more than $3 Billion from the budgets of the CDC & NIH.

Why is anyone surprised? A man, who bankrupts businesses and lies repeatedly to cover up his amoral deficiencies, is devoid of solutions. His constant attacks on Twitter of the Governors, who are calling on the Federal Government to step up, speaks to how small this man really is.