The Coronavirus pandemic is ravaging the world. It’s impact on the United States has been enormous. The United States has seen over 700,000 positive COVID19 cases with more than 30,000 deaths.

As the virus continues to spread, we continue to see incompetent leadership from the Trump Administration. Trump’s response to the pandemic has illustrated why he’s not fit to hold office.

Let’s examine his response to date. First, he said the Coronavirus pandemic was a “hoax”. Then, he refused to let a cruise ship with American passengers on board come to port for 3 days because he didn’t want to see a spike in Coronavirus cases. He has refused to fully implement the Defense Production Act, which would force companies that manufacture medical equipment & supplies to go into immediate mass production of those supplies. If Trump had implemented the DPA, our hospitals wouldn’t be experiencing the shortages in equipment & supplies that they are dealing with now.

There are roughly 900,000 hospitals in the U.S. Yet, we learned that the Federal Government only had 10,000 ventilators in its stockpile to supply the states with during the inception of this outbreak.

Frankly, the Trump Administration’s handling of the Coronavirus pandemic has been a disaster. This President spends more time attacking Democratic Governors and less time doing his job. It is clear that the Governors have been the real leaders throughout this crisis. The Democratic Governors have shown exceptional leadership during these trying times for the country. Sadly, we need leadership at the federal level and we simply don’t have it.