Moral Compass

In watching the response to this global pandemic, I’ve come to one conclusion. One element of our government has no interest in working for the people.

This pandemic has revealed two things. First, the GOP can’t govern and is only interested in being beholden to their corporate benefactors. They don’t care about the people only their political careers. Their political careers are hinged on low unemployment numbers and a high stock market average. This is why the GOP is hell bent on jump starting the economy in the midst of this pandemic. They could care less about the lives lost.

Second, there has clearly been one party who has a moral compass. The Democratic party has been that party. The Democratic Governors have been sensational throughout this pandemic. They have chosen the health and life of their citizens over economic greed and the thirst to win an election. They did what the GOP didn’t have the ability to do at the federal or state level which was lead in a crisis.

The Democrats at the federal and state level took the lead from the beginning. They identified the virus hot zones and immediately quarantined those areas. They fought for and made sure that all the medical facilities in their states got the medical equipment, supplies and disinfectants they needed to treat their patients. They immediately put stay-at-home orders in place for their states and they expanded testing in their states for the virus.

So, this pandemic gripping our country and the world showed that their is one party, the Democratic party, with a moral compass. The other party, the Republican party, has displayed their moral bankruptcy for the country to see.