2020-Are We Cyber Ready?

In the wake of a global pandemic, we are in an election year. As November approaches, we as Americans have to wonder if the country is ready to hold a free and fair election.

It is becoming increasingly clear that Russia and possibly other foreign actors are actively trying to influence our election. During the 2016 Presidential campaign, the Russians launched a social media disinformation campaign that resulted in Donald Trump becoming President. They even hacked the voter database of 2 counties in the state of Florida. This voter breach is under current investigation by the FBI.

So, one must wonder, what has our cyber intelligence wing of the government done to prepare for the likely cyber attack that is coming? The short answer is nobody seems to know.

We know why the Russians wanted Donald Trump as President. They wanted all the economic sanctions against their country lifted. However, it was Republicans & Democrats who blocked the lifting of Russian sanctions. It is clear that Russia, North Korea and China see Trump as someone who can be easily manipulated. That’s why he is preferred over Joe Biden. Biden is a polished, experienced leader who they can’t manipulate.

Finally, if this election is conducted fairly, then the obvious choice for the country is Joe Biden. If there is cyber interference, then Trump could get re-elected which would be disastrous for the American people but great for our foreign adversaries.