Donald Trump has roasted the media for 4 years. He has attacked every ethnic group in America with his blatantly racist comments and racist policies. Trump’s Coronavirus response has been abysmal to say the least. So one has to wonder, what is Trump’s true agenda entering the November election?

In recent weeks, Trump has started to reveal a little of his November playbook. He has launched a dishonest campaign of attacks on former President Obama & former Vice-President Joe Biden. Trump’s team believes they can get away with using another “smoke & mirrors”campaign of lies to win re-election.

However, Trump’s bizarre behavior in office for 4 years, his inability to grasp basic knowledge of his job and his inept policy failures are sure to not be overlooked by the electorate this time around.

Trump’s re-election comes down to one thing – Will the nation be duped by this career con man again? or Will the nation restore professionalism, competence, experience & dignity back into the White House? If the nation chooses the latter, then we can all breathe easy knowing President-Elect Joe Biden is on the job on January 20, 2021.