The Ku Klux Klan in the 1950s & 1960s was thee most racist organization in America. They prided themselves on intimidation and fear. After Martin Luther King led the Civil Rights Movement, many of the members of the Klan were successfully convicted on crimes of assault, murder, attempted murder and domestic terrorism which involved the bombings of state buildings, churches and homes of black Americans. However, there were many members who evaded prosecution for their crimes. Because of the decrease in numbers to the group and the growing number of white supremacist groups emerging, the Klan was forced to change its tactics to remain relevant.

The most disturbing switch in tactics has been Klan members trading in their white sheets for a badge & gun. Groups like the KKK and White Aryan Nation have become incredibly shrewd. Joining Police forces and becoming police officers is the perfect way to gain access to minority communities and terrorize them under the cloak of a badge and gun. It explains a lot in terms of police/community relations. It explains why certain cops have already, made up preconceived notions about African Americans, Latinos and other minorities. It certainly explains 2 things – Why rogue cops are shooting unarmed people of color? and Why rogue cops are brutalizing communities of color with blatantly racist policing policies?

We as a society have to demand a radical change to policing policies. We have to demand the removal of all rogue officers who don’t follow proper police procedure. Lastly, we have to remove from office corrupt, morally bankrupt, racist agenda driven politicians who support this continued police aggression against communities of color.