The Dumbing Down Of America

Our nation is at a dangerous point. We are fighting a global pandemic and social injustice. Yet, we have a leadership deficit in Washington, D.C. that is inept. The current administration sees governance through the prism of just the folks who voted for them.

Donald Trump has no clue of how to run a federal government. He has no knowledge of the Constitution or of the Bill Of Rights. He doesn’t even understand the checks and balances system of the three branches of government. He has no clue of how the departments within the federal government work. His foreign policy has been a disaster for the country with Russia being the biggest benefactors of our foreign policy blunders. The media has been scared to challenge his competency to do the job. He is clueless when it comes to understanding nuclear treaties signed by us with foreign countries and simple legislation passed through Congress.

Donald Trump has pulled off the greatest con in U.S. history. He managed to get elected President Of The United States and he was and still is completely unqualified for the job. He has been allowed by the GOP in Congress and media to dumb down the Presidency. He has said & done stupid things unbecoming of a President.

The nation has a decision to make this November. It will either be the stability and experience of Joe Biden or the chaos, corruption and incompetence of Donald Trump. Frankly, 4 more years of corruption and incompetence under Trump could devastate and severely alter the arc of this democracy.