America is coming face to face with it’s sordid history. It is a history of greed, racism, hypocrisy, power & entitlement. We are a nation that has advanced the rights of white Americans and reinforced their entitlement at the expense of Americans of Color. For Centuries, Blacks faced an outrageous, uphill struggle of slavery by white slaveowners who wanted to build a nation on the backs of Black bodies. The Jim Crow era furthered the abuse of Black Americans in America. Once the visible shackles from slavery came off in 1865. The invisible shackles were put back on during the Jim Crow era. Black & Latino communities were redlined making it difficult to get Home loans & Business loans to startup businesses within the community. Voting rights were denied. Going to the same schools as whites was denied for much of the era. The workplace was segregated during the era.

People of color have had to fight for basic fairness in this country since it’s inception. Yet, Whites in positions of power throughout our American institutions have found it difficult to provide us with that simple honor. Our institutions at the federal, state & local levels have been riddled with bias. From the federal government to the court system to law enforcement to the workplace to our school systems from kindergarten to college, we have been marginalized as if we (Blacks, Latinos, Asians & Native Americans) don’t matter.

Guess what? We do. Our institutions need to be reformed because they have failed badly.

Trayvon Martin mattered. Tamir Rice mattered. Michael Brown mattered. Sandra Bland mattered. Atatiana Jefferson mattered. Laquan McDonald mattered. Eric Garner mattered. Sean Bell mattered. Amadou Diallo mattered. Oscar Grant mattered. Ahmaud Arbery mattered. Breonna Taylor mattered. George Floyd mattered. Elijah McClain mattered. BLACK LIVES MATTER!