Donald Trump has gotten away with lying and conning people his entire life. Getting elected President Of The United States, with the help of a foreign power (Russia) he is indebted to, was perhaps his biggest con job ever.

His election and performance in office has revealed his ineptitude and inexperience in the job he holds. We have watched him ignore a global pandemic that is ravaging our nation from coast to coast. We have lost over 130,000 Americans to the Coronavirus because of willful ignorance & sheer incompetence at the top of government. This President has failed to take the proper steps to keep Americans safe from this pandemic. He has failed to fully implement initiatives like the Defense Production Act that would keep all of our medical facilities ( hospitals, hospices, urgent care & senior care) from experiencing shortages in medical equipment and supplies. He has made decisions that continue to put millions of Americans at risk.

The GOP continues to rally around his ignorance. Why? It’s simple. Trump & the GOP’s plan is to simply ignore the pandemic and reopen the economy. Just ignore the fact that 130,000 people have died from Coronavirus. Trump & the GOP are banking on the economy bouncing back to pre-Coronavirus numbers just in time for the election. The fact is Trump has been taking credit for an economy that Barack Obama & Joe Biden created which got us out of a recession and put the nation on a 10 year path of sustained economic growth. Trump’s tax cut for the rich put the nation on a temporary sugar high and added over $2 Trillion to our national debt.

We just recently found out that Russia was paying bounties to the Taliban to kill U.S. soldiers. The President knew about the Russian Bounty program in March and did absolutely nothing about this. It should be obvious to everyone now that Russia has some damaging leverage over Donald Trump. That leverage has put the nation’s entire national security at risk.

The facts are clear. Donald Trump is sacrificing American lives to Coronavirus to get re-elected at home. He is sacrificing American lives on the battlefield abroad to avoid being exposed as the “phony conman” he really is.