As the election approaches, Donald Trump has begun a campaign of sowing seeds of doubt in the election process. He has outright insinuated that the election will be rigged. Where have we heard this before? The author of the rigged election conspiracy theory was none other than Donald J. Trump in 2016.

Trump has largely ignored the Coronavirus pandemic which is ravaging our country. The economy is in deep recession and there is a national movement against racism and police brutality. A movement that is transforming our country for the better. Yet, Trump has been indifferent to these events. He has been unable to address them and the country has taken notice. As a result, he is trailing Joe Biden in the polls nationally. He is also trailing in the battleground states.

Trump has become increasingly desperate. He is gutting the budget for the postal service for the purpose of preventing mail-in voting. GOP Governors are putting in place voter suppression measures like cutting the number of polling places, changing voter machines, passing new statewide voter ID requirements and cutting the distribution of mail-in ballots in an attempt to help Trump win their states.

If the election to determine the 2020 Presidency is rigged, it will be Donald J. Trump who rigs it for himself to stay in power.