Donald Trump & the GOP would have you believe that crime is going to go up in the suburbs and nationally. Their plan is to scare white people into voting for the racism, incompetence & fake “law and order” mantra of Trump. Yes, crime particularly in the big cities is going up. Murders, in some big cities, have increased. Why? The answer is the COVID19 pandemic and it’s dire effect on the U.S. economy. Because of the pandemic, businesses have had to temporarily close leading to massive job losses. This has caused incredible economic insecurity and desperation throughout the nation. The situation is dire in the poorest communities.

The nation is in this depressed state because we have a leadership void at the top. Donald Trump ignored this pandemic and the result was thousands of Americans getting infected with COVID19 and dying from the virus. The deaths of Americans from this virus are on Donald Trump. He is solely responsible for the mishandling of this pandemic.

It is not surprising that crime has increased. The increase in crime is being used as an excuse by Trump & the GOP to delegitimize the Black Lives Matter movement. This is their cowardice approach to not addressing the problem of systemic racism, police brutality and misconduct.

It is going to take a competent leader to solve this issue. It’s going to take a competent leader to calm our neighborhoods, ease our fears and restore our faith again. Joe Biden can do that. Donald Trump can’t.